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    Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

Freddie Powell is a sports Chiropractor having done his post graduate sports Chiropractic training pgCert which enables him to work at the Olympics and sporting events.

He was recruited for Chiropractic services to Crystal Palace FC 1st team working alongside top physiotherapists and sports medicine doctors. He learnt from all the different professionals who work on the footballers from the doctors, to the physios, sports therapists, sport scientists, podiatrists, strength and conditioning coach, pilates instructors to name just a few of those who get an athlete performing at their optimum. Being part of a multidisciplinary team such as this allows for a more well rounded practitioner so be confident that when coming to our clinic you won’t just have the traditional Chiropractic manipulative techniques but an array of treatments tailored to your individual complaint- as no one injury is the same.

What is sports therapy?

It is usually manual therapy or exercise prescription tailored to a sport specific injury. It can be one of a tool box of approaches to restore mobility and function to an injured area. It normally involves a functional assessment to see where imbalances in movements patterns have gone wrong and address the underlying cause of the complaint. A lot of sports professionals are not necessarily in pain so some of these faulty movement patterns can be quite subtle. However Freddie is trained to assess these and address this to prevent further injury and reoccurrence.

What is a sports injury?

A sports injury can be anything from muscular strains such as the hamstring to ligamentous sprains such a rolled ankle. We can treat even more serious complaints such as meniscal (cartilage damage), to joint injuries to any area of the body. Chiropractors historically are associated with problems of the spine and pelvis, those with sports qualifications and experience can not only work on your alignment but also the muscular and ligamentous attachments which can predispose someone to a sports injury in the first place.

For example a rolled ankle causing an inversion sprain to the ankle joint and gives you a grade II ligament sprain. This internally rotates the knee and due to poor walking (or gait cycle) during the recovery this causes some pelvis alignment which can create a sacroiliac joint issue or hip flexor injury predisposing someone to a groin strain for instance. This can then cause hip flexor issues, hip external rotator issues etc etc. This is what we call the “kinematic chain” and it is a Chiropractors job to assess EVERYTHING from the feet up to see where the dysfunction lies and treat accordingly.

Chiropractor in newton abbot, sykes verwey centre. back pain, neck pain, sports injury, shoulder pain, knee pain

This is why some patients will come in for a pelvis pain issue with some knee pain associated. Once the pelvis is sorted the knee pain goes away because the knee is tracking better (i.e the alignment) is restored.

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