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What is glucosamine used for?

There has been much attention paid in the mainstream press to the use of glucosamine as a natural supplement for providing arthritis-relief. Glucosamine may help to relieve the painful symptoms of joint inflammation and degradation by improving the cartilage healing.

Many arthritis sufferers have to take anti-inflammatory medications, which makes them more susceptible to getting stomach ulcers or damaging the lining to their stomach. Therefore chronic arthritis sufferers should be looking for other ways to manage their pain.

Osteoarthritis is a common degenerative disease more common in females and those over the age of 50.  This painful condition is caused by gradual degenerative change to the shock-absorbing cartilage which surrounds every joint in the body.  The areas most commonly affected by osteoarthritis are the load-bearing or frequently exercised joints such as the knees, hips, shoulders, neck, elbows, wrists and fingers. As the cartilage maintenance and repair system breaks down, the joint loses its lubrication and shock-absorbing capacity leaving you with pain levels that range from regular ‘morning stiffness’ in the early stages to excruciating pain when moving unlubricated and heavily eroded joints in the more advanced stages of this disease when it is bone pressing on bone with no cartilage left.

It is fair to say that most pharmaceutical drugs are most effective combatting acute health conditions such as a sudden back injury. However drugs to manage chronic health conditions is more of a complex issue with many patients becoming drug reliant and having nasty side effects.
I urge all my patients to research and ask questions on the medication you are taking and whether you could manage your pain better with some form of hands on therapy such as Chiropractic or Physiotherapy, improving your diet, exercising more regularly and taking natural supplements to aid healing without experiencing side effects.
Common arthritis drugs prescribed today, including cortisone, aspirin and “disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs” (DMARDS).

Even over-the-counter “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” (NSAIDS) has its side effects, so is it really necessary to take the pain killers or can you let the body heal itself in a more natural way?

Anti-inflammatory drugs work by blocking the inflammation which is excellent for a fast, quick fix.
But ask yourself why is this inflammation occurring in the first place? It is an integral part of the body’s natural response to tissue or joint injury. This inflammation is triggered by localised production of chemical messengers known as ‘prostaglandins’.  Anti-inflammatory drugs block the formation and release of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). Unfortunately, prostaglandins also perform other vital tasks in the body, among which is to maintain the integrity of the protective lining of the stomach. Also remember that the pain-process is a protective mechanism to prevent you causing further damage to the spine or joint, so is necessary to aid healing and allowing for rest.

Glucosamine contains some of the essential nutrients which are used for the building and maintenance of joint tissue, where it helps to stabilize the matrix of connective tissue that forms cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Glucosamine is very well tolerated and no allergic reactions have been reported.

It is important to note that glucosamine sulfate has little to no anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving effect but the focus is on restoring damaged cartilage in conjunction with Chiropractic treatment as more of a long term cure addressing the root problem of osteoarthritis and not just treating the symptoms with pain-killers.
-Glucosamine Synoflex: is recommended as a good supplement.

Why take an Omega 3 fish oils?
Effa Marine 300 or Pure Fish Oil (is a good supplement recommended by the clinic)
The suppleness of joints needs good lubrication much like any mechanical instrument need oil to move well. Our joints are no different. You need to keep yourself hydrated to keep your cartilage discs as hydrated as possible. Have a good diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to get the required vitamins for your joints and tissues. Omega 3 oils are good for ligaments and muscles so it is another thing which may be advised alongside your treatment.
Flax Seed Oil

Why take Vit D and Calcium supplements?

OsteoGuard Calcium Supplement

In the Devon area it is a common place to come to retire. The practice sees a lot of geriatric patients. With age unfortunately comes a decrease in bone mineral density. At the clinic we have a DEXA scanner to measure your bone density or T score. If found to be lower than the national average compared to your age range we write a letter to your GP with the results for further investigation. The national guidelines in the UK recommends taking Vitamin D between the months of October to May as we do not get sufficient vitamin D in our diet or from the sun. This helps with our immune system and the absorption of calcium and therefore helping with your bone density. Strong bones equals a healthier lifestyle with a decreased risk of fracture into the elderly years so is a great preventative.

Why take tumeric capsules?
You can start using it in cooking or taking the natural capsules which is a powerful anti inflammatory. Taken alongside using ice packs is a great natural way to decrease pain and inflammation.

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