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    Joint Manipulation / Adjustment

Joint Manipulation / Adjustment

Joint manipulation or an “adjustment” is the art of Chiropractic a unique and highly effective form of treatment. It is a testament to millions of patient’s worldwide benefitting from Chiropractic adjustments that has led to the profession being the largest in the western world after medicine and dentistry.

Chiropractors historically used to claim to treat “subluxations” which is pretty much just a fancy name for joint restriction and and nerve irritation. Research has demonstrated again and again how effective “manipulation” is for treating back pain. This is why it is still on the NICE guidelines so GPs and other healthcare practitioners should be recommending you to have a course of manipulation prior to surgery.

It doesn’t really matter what you call these spinal restrictions just know that after receiving “joint manipulation” or “adjustments” your pain will start to decrease and you will start to feel better and more mobile.

Chiropractors are trained to assess your spine and treat these “stiff” “tense spinal joints” as a way of decreasing pain and increasing movement to those areas of your back.

Our Chiropractors have done training in all the different manipulative techniques and are very adapt at extremity adjusting including elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles and feet. A lot of patients don’t realise that you will be assessed from the feet upwards and any restrictions or misalignments will be treated to get to the root cause of your problem.

What are Diversified vs Mctimmoney Chiropractors?

A diversified Chiropractor is one that is trained in joint manipulation so please be aware of this when making an appointment at the practice. Mctimmoney Chiropractic is a lot gentler without “clicking the joints”.

Our Chiropractors are trained in “activator technique” where we use a percussion instrument or a “clicker”. A lot of patients describe it as a “clicker” or “stapler” which can be used on the stiff vertebra to reduce spinal tension. It is a much better treatment alternative for anxious patients who tend to tense up when using manual manipulation. Or those patients with weaker bones such as those with osteoporosis.

A DEXA scan will always be carried out within the clinic to see what your bone density is “i.e how strong they are” before carrying out manual manipulative therapy.

Patients who also just don’t like having their “neck cracked” or “back cracked” please just tell your Chiropractor so we can use a gentler approach such as activator technique or mobilisation. It tends to be counter intuitive if we are trying to relax the joint and the patient is tense or nervous about the treatment and we want you to enjoy your treatment and be relaxed when doing so.

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