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    Graston Technique / Instrument
    Assisted Soft Tissue Medicine

Graston Technique / Instrument Assisted Soft tissue medicine

Graston technique was the first of its kind using stainless steel metal instruments as a method to relax soft tissue structures i.e muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The technique is where a practitioner uses a tool to break down adhesions and scar tissue formation in muscles. It is more invasive and sometimes painful compared to other massage techniques so is patient dependent.

It causes oedema and reddening of the soft tissue structures involved. It is a requirement of the technique to kick start an inflammatory healing process. It is often quite vigorous with the aim to break down the tight fascia and scar tissue that may have arisen from a previous surgery or injury. The technique like many sports therapy techniques comes originally from the Chinese medical techniques of using wooden tools to release muscles.

Things have now in the sports medicine / therapy techniques developed into what is called “movement based soft tissue work”. FAKTR which stands for functional and kinetic treatment release uses a combined approach of tool work and provocational movement patterns to treat dysfunction in the painful direction. For example if you get knee pain when squatting we release the muscles whilst you squat which is an extremely effective treatment protocol and then rehab afterwards.

Sports cupping therapy is now becoming a popular treatment. You may have seen some of the welts on the Olympic swimmers shoulders. Sports therapists are finding it beneficial as an adjunct to other more traditional massage techniques to release fascial tension. Our interferential suction cupping provides a similar response drawing blood to the area.

Freddie Powell is FAKTR certified practitioner so can use any of these treatment modalities alongside his traditional chiropractic techniques.

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