Our Fees

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Initial Consultation

& Examination
£20 / Initial Session
  • Consultation
  • Examination
  • Diagnosis


Per Adult
£30 / Session
  • Examination
  • Results

Free Chiro Chat

A call back service offered with one of our specialist Chiropractors to see if we can help with your condition. Please request this from our reception staff or arrange to come in for a 15 minute slot.

Session Information

The “initial consultation & examination” appointment is required by law for all new patients to the practice. It normally last 30-45 minutes. After your consultation and examination the practitioner will discuss his findings and provide a diagnosis to your condition(s).

The“Chiropractic treatment”sessions are normally 30 minute appointments. They are individually tailored to your specific problem, age and body type. You will also be given advice on rest and exercise during your recovery.

The “DEXA scan” appointments are normally 15 minute appointments. You will have your height and weight measured. Your details will be inputted on to the computer. The scan of your forearm bones take approximately 5 minutes. If your bone density is low a letter with no extra charge will be written by the Chiropractor to your GP.

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