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    Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation

Freddie Powell is certified in “Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation” and exercise rehabilitation. DNS is a specialist form of physiotherapy rehabilitation using core strengthening exercises taken right back to infantile motor control state.

A lot of faulty movement patterns develop right from being a toddler so we are able to assess your core strength and prescribe tailor made exercises to develop the core right from the beginning again. These are the foundation building blocks of any strong athlete or pain free patient.

Other exercise programmes we offer our:
• Postural exercise
• Tailor made exercise programmes
• Sports injury rehab
• Post surgical rehab
• Neck and low back exercise programmes

Exercise is necessary to prevent a future relapse of your injury and to stabilise your back so you can feel confident doing all the things you enjoy. Chiropractors can be guilty of treating patients without prescribing a rehabilitation programme to prevent reoccurrence so patients can become reliant on treatment.

At the clinic once you have had a course of treatment you will always be prescribed a specific exercise programme for your individual complaint based on your needs and expectations. There can be a tendency to prescribe exercise or stretches TOO EARLY and in my experience a painful and inflamed joint or muscle is aggravated if exercising too soon. Once your pain levels have decreased and you are more mobile some exercises will be given to enhance your improvement.

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