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Covid-19 update* from June 2022

Please note that the governments of England and Wales have now withdrawn their final COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Controls (IPC) rules as of the 1st June 2022.

With COVID-19 now classified as endemic within our population the lifting of the rules has meant some relaxation of clinic protocols (please see below)

It is now a patient “choice” if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask in the clinic but is not mandatory.

As the Chiropractors are no longer required to wear a face mask whilst treating you, most of them will choose to not wear a face mask. However if you are more comfortable having your treatment with the practitioner continuing to wear a face mask please just notify reception and it will be happily obliged.

-Hand sanitiser will still be available but is no longer mandatory.
-Our cleaning protocol will remain in effect with the benches sterilised after each use, and windows and doors open throughout the day to help with air circulation.
-Temperature checks are no longer carried out in clinic.
-Signed covid consent is no longer required.
-PPE including gloves, apron and mask will be risk assessed only.
-Our reception area has resumed with the removal of the screens but we have spaced chairs with a good level of social distancing.

With that in mind please endeavour to use a common sense approach and if you are feeling unwell with any symptoms of a cough or cold or temperature please try to move your appointment to a different day for the safety of staff and other patients attending the clinic.

We have updated our covid-19 risk assessment policy to keep everyone safe during the treatment. We will continue to monitor the situation and be led by the chiropractic association, regulatory body and public health England. 

Clinic Guidelines *updated*:

–If you still want to download and print forms to limit time spent in the communal wait area please do so here. Please download forms here …… print them fill them out and bring them in. (If you are happy to do them in clinic please do so)

-Face masks are now “patient choice” for appointments please do what you feel comfortable.

-Hand sanitiser is available but not mandatory.

-Please wear loose fitting vest tops and leggings or shorts for treatment as treatment gowns are no longer given unless requested.

-We are accepting cash payments or contactless now.  

-Please pre book appointments in advance if you need more than 2 sessions to limit future time in reception area. 
-We are still continuing social distancing in the clinic, we have removed socially distanced screen dividers in the waiting area and added more chairs again.
-Chiropractors and massage therapist will risk assess wearing a mask during treatment, and risk assess using PPE following new guidance but it no longer mandatory for them to do so.

-We are no longer temperature checking, however please do reschedule any appointment if you are feeling unwell.
-We are still sterilising everything between each patient appointment, bench, door handles etc.

-Your treatment will be carried out in a well ventilated room, between each patient the window is opened for airflow purposes, as is the reception periodically throughout the day. 

Please note we are still doing everything to mitigate any risk of infection in the practice and we will be staying open and will keep you safe during your treatments.

Any further questions or queries please give reception a call on 01626 353334 to answer any concerns.
Yours Sincerely,
Sykes Verwey Team

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