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Covid-19 update.

Dear Patients / New Patients of the Sykes Verwey Centre,


As of Monday 18.5.20 we reopened the clinic for face-to-face appointments.


Please be confident in the knowledge that we have made all attempts to mitigate any risk following covid-19 outbreak. We are now resuming face-to-face consultations based on advice from the British Chiropractic Association.

These decisions were based on 3 key points:

  1. Statutory Instrument 350 permits people to travel to a chiropractor.
  2. General Chiropractic Council (regulatory body) have advised chiropractors can continue with face-to-face consultations for essential, urgent or emergency services and-members-of-the-public-wishing-to-see-a-chiropractor.
  3. Insurance and indemnity cover falls within the regulatory acceptability.


*Please note that if you have received a letter from the government and have been classed as an ‘extremely vulnerable patient’ you will not be able to be seen at the practice for emergency treatment and please notify our reception team of this.

If you are unsure if you are in this category check this link

Patients coming in for treatment (please read)

When telephoning in and arriving at the practice there will be some changes to routine appointments so please be aware of this.
• New Patients- it would be really helpful if you could download the forms here, print and fill them out prior to your consultation to limit time spent in the reception area. Not a problem at all if not as they can still be filled out in clinic in a separate area on arrival.
• There will be a risk assessment carried out over the phone prior to your appointment.
• If your have had a confirmed case of covid-19 and are showing symptoms of a persistent cough or fever we cannot offer face-to-face appointments.
• If unsure if you have covid-19 use this link
• Please do not arrive early or late for your appointment to avoid overcrowding. Patients arriving early please wait in your car or outside the building (observing social distancing). Markers will be placed on the ground.
• Please wear loose fitting/ comfortable clothing to your appointments, as treatment gowns will not be provided for the next few months to maintain infection control. So leggings/ shorts for women and a crop top or sleeveless top would be sufficient for the Chiropractor to access the area normally treated without the need for undressing/dressing.
• On arrival there is a “hand sanitiser station” please use this when entering and leaving the practice.
• On your first visit back there is a form to sign at this station outlying your consent to treat during covid-19, which can be left in the tray.
• The reception area does not have any seating as we need to maintain social distancing so you will advised to go to one of 4 treatment rooms to see your Chiropractor where you can wait to be treated without the need for undressing.
• Chiropractors will be wearing PPE to maintain infection control standards.
• When re-booking appointments in reception please try to maintain a 2 metre distance from other patients finishing their treatments. Appointment times are being increased with gaps throughout the day for necessary cleaning however there maybe some overlap.
• Please try to keep loved ones and friends and family out in the car wherever possible. We are trying to keep numbers to a minimum within the practice to only those receiving treatment.
• Reception staff will be behind a Perspex screen so please respect their safety and not come around to talk to them.
• Where possible we would appreciate if you could pay with contactless payment to keep hygiene standards.
• As a patient your only contact should be with the Chiropractor in a well ventilated, sterilised treatment room. The Chiropractor will be wearing the necessary PPE equipment so there will be very minimal risk to you and you should feel comfortable coming to your appointments.

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